About Us

Sylvia A. Flack, Owner

In 1996, while serving as Dean of Health Sciences at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina, I traveled to many conferences and other universities both national and international. In my down time and travel time, I explored antique, consignment and thrift shops as well as flea markets. I was driven by a quest to find a sterling silver rose to replace a lost family heirloom which actually came to represent victory over difficulty as my parents and I raised my wonderful son.

While visiting these shops and flea markets, I became obsessed with the beauty of antique and vintage costume jewelry and fiercely starting buying. This obsession has netted an inventory of more than 9,000 pieces of quality antique and vintage costume jewelry as well as a variety of antique and vintages purses, hats and clothing, jeweled watches, compacts, perfume bottles, vanity sets, and jewelry boxes.

I have surrounded myself with people who have years of experience and knowledge; and I continue to study books and internet information. Now that I have retired, I am engaged in learning about the history and art of antique and vintage costume jewelry.

About Flack Hunt Jewelry

The FlackHunt Antique and Vintage Jewelry Collection offers rare, unusual pieces from designers such as Art, Alice Caviness, Alexis Bittar, BKS, Barclay, Boucher, Ciner, Coro, Coventry, Claudette, Doctor Dress, Eisenberg, Givenchy & E Juliana Hattie Carnegie, Hobe, Hollycraft, Hope Chest, Jomaz, Joan Rivers,  KJL, Kramer, Les Bernard, Lisner, Mazer, Miriam Haskell, Marvella, Monet, Nolan Miller, Reja, Regency, Original By Robert, Selro/Selini, Schiaparelli, Schreiner, Schrager, Sibson, Trifari, Larry Vrba, Vendome/Vogue, Weiss, and Unsigned Jewelry.

Most of our jewelry can be purchased through our website.  We will frequently place new pieces on the site.  The store will also sponsor two major shows in 2017. Further information will be sent.

Staff, Associates and Friends

Sylvia A Flack is the owner of the online store.  Her son Richard Alexander Hunt, Jr. serves as a volunteer associate and is responsible for procuring supplies and other resources.  Ms. Brenda Lyons, volunteer associate, has organized processes and the collection into a manageable operation.  Jim Olson of Zero Gravity Design Associates developed our website. Floyd Taylor of Positive Image, Kernersville, NC photographed first images to be placed on the website.

Lou Ellen Hines, Cookie and Frank Jessup owners of the Mount Pilot Antiques in NC, Gary Dilworth, Joan Frank and Hans Hauser owner, Putting on the Ritz, vintage jewelry and clothing WS, NC, have over the years introduced me to some of the most beautiful designer and unsigned jewelry which is a part of our Collection.  I was fortunate to have met Lou Slowek, owner of the Curiosity Shop in Columbus, Ohio whose company offers vintage jewelry sales, restoration and repairs. During these long-time relationships, I learned much about antique and vintage jewelry from their experience and expertise in the field of vintage jewelry.

Thanks to Leslie Gaynor, a wonderful friend and colleague who tried but failed to cure my obsession with this beautiful jewelry.